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The Chicago Center for Vision Research, Ltd (CCVR) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization established by members of University Eye Specialists to support ophthalmology research and education. Since its inception in 1998, CCVR’s efforts have focused on glaucoma-related research, education and outreach.

Glaucoma comprises a group of eye diseases affecting 70 million people worldwide. Left untreated, glaucoma will slowly steal your eyesight by damaging the optic nerve—the part of your eye that carries the images you see to your brain.

It is an equal opportunity disease without a cure. Everyone is at risk, and once your vision has been compromised, it cannot be restored. Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness throughout the world. To reduce the number of people afflicted by this disease and to minimize its visual consequences, we must seek earlier diagnosis, advance therapies and promote training of specialists to treat this condition.

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The starting point for all medical advances is founded in research. CCVR works to further the understanding of glaucoma and its causes by applying new technologies to diagnose and manage the disease and optimize therapy. Clinical investigations focus on the following key areas:


With the aging baby boom generation, the number of people requiring glaucoma treatment has risen dramatically—a 50-percent increase is expected within the next decade. Glaucoma patients not only present some of the most challenging cases, but also involve the most extensive care because they require ongoing, life-long treatment.

To address this need, CCVR supports fellowships to train future glaucoma specialists. Fellows at University Eye Specialists complete an intensive program after finishing their ophthalmology residency. Their rigorous training includes clinical, educational and research components designed to expose fellows to complex and unique patient cases while also providing opportunities to apply the latest diagnostic instrumentation and surgical techniques.

Fellows have gone on to achieve and contribute in academia, clinical practice and government. Continued funding sustains this vital program, ensuring that high quality care is accessible to glaucoma patients internationally.

Visit our Fellowships page to learn more.

Glaucoma awareness

Chicago Center for Vision Research glaucoma screening

Many people have never heard of glaucoma let alone know how to combat this disease. One of the most frightening realities of glaucoma is those with the disease may experience no symptoms. As such, nearly half of the people with glaucoma remain undiagnosed, placing them at a significant risk for blindness. Glaucoma is detected during regular eye exams and with timely diagnosis and treatment; glaucoma can often be managed with medication, laser or surgery to prevent vision loss.

In order to increase public awareness of this insidious disease, CCVR engages in community outreach efforts ranging from speaking engagements at hospitals and senior centers to providing free glaucoma screenings and eyeglasses for those without access to health care. Your support will help to expand these endeavors, championing the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma to a larger audience.

You can make a difference

Few fears are as serious as losing eyesight. Yet by 2020, it is estimated that 11 million people throughout the world will be blind from glaucoma. When vision is lost, independence and quality of life is severely handicapped.

You can help mitigate glaucoma’s impact by supporting CCVR’s research, education and outreach. With your partnership, we will find new therapies to battle the disease and preserve vision. Our collaboration will ensure that those with glaucoma receive optimal care from an experienced subspecialist. Your tax-deductible gift, no matter what size, makes a difference to us. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

To make a donation

Contact Fiona Higgins at (312) 475-1012 | Email
To donate by mail, please download the donation form (pdf).

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